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Merridale Ltd.
Merridale Ltd. is one of the UK's leading commercial fuelling manufacturers, capable of supplying, installing and servicing a complete range of fuelling equipment from a single pump to a total turnkey package.

The Merridale range includes fuel pumps, fuel management systems, tank gauges and ancillaries that are suitable for any size fleet, from small operations to large fleets with multiple depots.

The company was first established in 1994 and now has systems installed at over 5,000 sites throughout the UK, Ireland, Channel Islands and Netherlands where up to 400,000 vehicles fuel everyday on a Merridale system. See what our customers say about Merridale on the Fuel Management website.

Merridale Quality

ATEX Certified for Diesel

All Merridale pumping and tank management equipment is certified/compliant to ATEX standards.

Merridale 10 Year Pledge

All Merridale equipment is designed to achieve a minimum life of ten years with built-in assurances of long-term support.

Merridale Genuine Parts Inside
Merridale do not use counterfeit, unbranded, copy or re-conditioned parts. All Merridale parts are genuine, branded and brand-new. And there are no compromises on build quality.
Merridale Software Quality Assured

All Merridale software has to comply with strict standards. Compliance with these standards is your guarantee of quality, security and reliability.

Stainless Steel
All steelwork is warranted for six years against perforation due to rust or corrosion.

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