FuelWorks Fuel Management Software

Designed and developed in house by Merridale, FuelWorks is the most
up-to-date fuel management software on the market.

Merridale’s hosted web-based reporting software, FuelWorks, has become increasingly popular with many fleet operators due to its ability to be accessed through a web browser on any device. FuelWorks gives the user complete flexibility and accessibility, eliminating the need for the software to be installed on only a limited number of nominated devices.

Designed and developed in house by Merridale, FuelWorks is the most up-to-date software on the market. Subscribing to FuelWorks eliminates the need to regularly replace your outdated software as all updates and improvements are implemented automatically for all users.

FuelWorks provides its users with on-the-spot accurate data to enable them to measure vehicle performance, driver efficiency and environmental impact. It allows users to monitor fuel usage, efficiency and stock, predict restocking requirements and evaluate emissions, therefore enabling users to adhere to FORS reporting standards. With such insight, you will be better equipped to reduce costs, spot under-performing or faulty vehicles and lower your carbon footprint.
Merridale FuelWorks - Fuel Management Software
  • Access web-based fuel management from anywhere with just a web browser.
  • Hosted securely by Merridale, meaning you don’t need to worry about servers & technical issues.
  • Supports multiple users across multiple sites.
  • Off-site fuelling data can be gathered manually.
  • No specialist training required.
  • Dedicated support team and help-desk included with subscription.
  • Flexible and fully-customisable reporting.
  • Extract fuelling & stock data with Merridale’s API.
  • Gather odometer readings from third-party APIs.
  • Scheduled reports by email reducing admin time.
  • Tank stock reconciliation and costing.
  • Stock low prediction and email alerts.
  • Export to Microsoft Excel and other applications.
  • Automated secure data backup & archiving

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