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Measuring the stock in a tank and linking this information into the fuel management system is the only way to fully reconcile the fuel dispensed with deliveries and tank stock levels.

Adding a Merridale tank management system to a Merridale tank allows stock movements to be automatically recorded, and fuel stocks to be fully reconciled.

All Merridale tanks and tank management systems are ATEX compliant.

MX Tank Management System

Tank Gauge

Merridale MX Tank Management System
The Merridale MX tank gauge measures the fuel level from a sensor probe suspended at the bottom of the tank. The current stock and ullage are displayed on-screen.

The gauge links back to a Merridale fuel management system enabling stock data to be automatically recorded and transferred back to a central PC.

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Merridale Tanks

Fuel Storage Tank

Fuel Tanks

Merridale have strategic partnerships with specialised tank manufacturers to enable a cost-effective turn-key package to be offered.

  • Any size up to 200,000 litres
  • Strategically sourced
  • Shape and footprint to your specification
  • Optional walk-ways and anti-vandal cabinets

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