Merridale Fuel Management Software

Merridale, the original manufacturers of the first true Microsoft® Windows® based fuel management software, now bring an unprecedented degree of sophistication and flexibility to fuel management, with a range of software and web based solutions.

We have a overview video of the FuelWorks system. Please contact us to obtain the link and password to access it.

Merridale FuelWorks

Merridale FuelWorks - Fuel Management Software

Fuel Management Software

  • Web-based fuel management
  • Access from anywhere with just a web browser
  • Hosted by Merridale (customer hosting also available)
  • Supports multiple users and multiple sites
  • No specialist training required
  • Flexible and fully-customisable reporting
  • Fuel, cost, performance and exception reports
  • Environmental impact reports
  • Scheduled reports by email
  • Tank stock reconciliation and costing
  • Stock low prediction and email alerts
  • Export to Microsoft Excel® or other applications
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Merridale FuelFX

Merridale FuelFX - Fuel Management Software

Fuel Management Software

  • Network multiple depots worldwide
  • Comprehensive customisable central reporting
  • Automatic out-of-hours communications with sites
  • Vehicle and driver accounting, and fuel cost management
  • Accurate vehicle performance analysis
  • Tank stock reconciliation and costing
  • Service scheduling and reporting
  • Department and subcontractor invoicing
  • Environmental impact reporting
  • Email reports to remote depots
  • Compatible with spreadsheet packages such as Microsoft Excel®
  • Automatically updates itself when new versions become available

Merridale FuelSite

Merridale FuelSite - Fuel Management Software

Fuel Management Software

  • Low cost
  • No specialist training required
  • Single site applications
  • Up to 99 vehicles/drivers
  • One and two pump installations
  • Flexible fuel and performance reporting
  • Stock reporting
  • Export data to spreadsheets
  • Automatically updates itself when new versions become available

Merridale DataSync

Merridale DataSync - Fuel Management Software

FuelFX Database Synchronisation

  • Local control of fuelling information
  • Individual databases at each depot
  • Central database at head office
  • Database synchronisation over the internet
  • Fault tolerant networking

Merridale Report Viewer

Merridale Report Viewer - Fuel Management Software

View and Print FuelFX Reports

  • View and print report files saved or emailed from Merridale FuelFX
  • Access reports on PC's without FuelFX
  • Free to use for Merridale customers

Merridale KeyFX

Merridale KeyFX - Fuel Management Software

Datakey Programming Software

  • Operates in conjunction with the Merridale Key Programmer
  • Program keys for Merridale Auditor systems
  • Compatible with all key versions including new version 3 keys

Merridale Tank Wizard

Merridale Tank Wizard - Fuel Management Software

Fuel Tank Stock Calculator

  • Calculate the stock levels in rectangular and cylindrical tanks
  • User-friendly Wizard-style interface
  • Free software from Merridale